El Sistema

While our association with El Sistema is still in it's early stages, the goal of both foundations is to help secure a better future for Venezuelan Youth.

Jose Antonio Abreu founded Social Action for Music and became its director 1975.
Abreu has dedicated himself to a dream in which an orchestra represents the ideal society, and the sooner a child is nurtured in that environment, the better for all.

El Sistema is a voluntary music education program in Venezuela, originally called Social Action for Music. Its official name is Fundación del Estado para el Sistema Nacional de las Orquestas Juveniles e Infantiles de Venezuela, (Fesnojiv), and sometimes translated to English as "National Network of Youth and Children's Orchestras of Venezuela").

El Sistema watches over Venezuela's 125 youth orchestras  (numbering approximately 100,000 youngsters) and the instrumental training programs which make them possible.  El Sistema's goal is to use music for the protection of childhood through training, rehabilitation and prevention of criminal behavior.  El Sistema has 30 symphony orchestras. But its greatest achievement are the 250,000 children who attend its music schools around the country, 90 percent of them from poor socio-economic backgrounds.

The program is known for rescuing young people in extremely impoverished circumstances from the environment of drug abuse and crime into which they would likely otherwise be drawn. Participants of the program who have begun international careers include Gustavo Dudamel, Edicson Ruiz, Joen Vazquez, Pedro Eustache, L. Miguel Rojas, Edward Pulgar, Natalia Luis-Bassa among others.

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