Joseph Carroll Jaycox

As a youth growing up on the South Side of Chicago, Joe Jaycox attended most of the White Sox home games and knew every player by name and every position they played. Among many of Joe's heroes were Jim Landis, Minnie Minoso, Eddie Robinson, Sherman Lollar and Chico Carrasquel.

Joe attended De La Salle High School which was located 3 blocks from Comiskey Park and saw Chico play many games during his great years as an all star shortstop for the Chicago White Sox. When John F. Kennedy established the Peace Corps Joe was one of the first volunteer and after training he was assigned to the barrio in Caracas called Catia.

Joe's job was to teach sports and physical education to the youths at the YMCA Center in Catia. "I'll never forget, Joe says, how gifted these kids were at sports" and when his work was done Joe remembers how sad he was in knowing that most of these kids would never have a chance to take their skills to a higher level.

Many years later and after a successful career in business Joe met Chico Carrasquel through a Venezuelan friend who lived in Chicago and he and Chico became good friends. Now, after many years in Chicago, Chico is returning to live out his years in his beloved Country of Venezuela. Joe knew how the people of Venezuela loved Chico including many former and present major league baseball players from Venezuela whom he had inspired for so many years. But Joe thought there should be more and together with the help of some young Venezuelan professionals living in Chicago and the US, he decided to establish a foundation for Chico.

In conversations with Chico, Joe stated that he never would have left Kenwood, a poor section on the South Side of Chicago, if not for the Peace Corps. His two years in Venezuela made him realize the unique beauty and richness of Venezuela and its people, both rich and poor, and how much they ALL love their Country.

When Joe left Catia for the last time in a por puesto, he looked back at the kids who were waving goodbye and was sad to think that while he was leaving for new adventures in life most of them would never leave the barrio and would never have the opportunity to expand their minds and have reason to create goals for themselves.

By having the good fortune of meeting Chico Carrasquel and by experiencing first hand the unique beauty and rich culture of Venezuela Joe hopes that the people of Venezuela will embrace Chico Carrasquel and his foundation and its attempt to grow a better future for the future of Venezuela.

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